3 Foundational Steps to Launching Your Business
3 Foundational Steps to Launching Your Business

3 Foundational Steps to Launching Your Business

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Not sure how to “officially” start your business?

These three fundamental steps will help you get your idea off the ground confidently, quickly, and easily. Dive into each step below, and don't miss my accompanying video for deeper insights from my own personal experiences as an entrepreneur.

Step 1: Forming an LLC:

  • Importance: An LLC, or Limited Liability Company, provides a protective legal shield between your personal assets and your business's debts or liabilities. Beyond legal aspects, creating an LLC is a psychological step forward. It signifies the birth of your business entity – your entrepreneurial 'baby'. This shift in perspective can be a driving force in your commitment and approach to your venture.

  • Steps:
    1. Visit your Secretary of State's website.
    2. Navigate to the business or LLC formation section.
    3. Fill out the required information.
    4. Pay any associated fees (usually around $50).
    5. Once approved, save your LLC certificate.

Step 2: Getting an EIN Number from the IRS

  • Importance: Think of the EIN (Employer Identification Number) as the Social Security Number for your business. It's essential for tax purposes and other official transactions.

  • Steps:
    1. Go to the official IRS website link. Note: Avoid third-party sites that charge for this service. The IRS provides it for free.
    2. Complete the EIN questionnaire.
    3. Upon completion, an EIN will be instantly generated.
    4. Save the EIN confirmation letter – it's essential for various business needs.

Step 3: Setting up a Business Bank Account:

  • Importance: Establishing a separate business bank account is vital for clarity in finances. Mixing personal and business expenses muddies the waters and complicates financial assessments and tax filings.

  • Steps:
    1. With your LLC certificate and EIN number in hand, approach a bank of your choice (online or physical).
    2. I personally recommend Novo.co for its user-friendly features and excellent customer support. The digital age enables seamless online transactions, making physical bank branches less necessary.
      1. Note: using my referral link gives us each $40 when you open and fund your new account.
    3. Ensure you maintain a clear boundary between personal and business finances for clarity and simplicity.

Wishing you all the best. Remember, while these steps provide the practical foundation, remember that the real essence of entrepreneurship lies in personal growth and the challenges you'll navigate.

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